Liquid White

KRONOS Liquid White


KRONOS 4045, KRONOS 4320 and KRONOS 4390 are aqueous rutile pigment suspensions for universal use in waterborne coatings and in the paper industry. 

For all waterborne applications such as paper/cardboard

Architectural coatings
KRONOS 4045 only for interior use.

Industrial coatings

KRONOS 4045 is also approved as a colourant for food packaging with indirect food contact.

Key Attributes

KRONOS Slurries offer numerous key features for a lean and cost-efficient manufacturing process, such as dust-free processing, a constant batch-to-batch quality and a significant reduction of package disposal.

Stable, pre-dispersed and ready to use

Excellent opacity

Universal compatibility with paint components & tints

Compliant with currently valid environmental regulations

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